Melissa McCarthy’s Stunning Weight Loss: The Truth On How She Did It

Many people know Melissa McCarthy as the plus-sized woman who played TV shows Gilmore Girls and Mike & Molly. The sad this is that her weight made her the brunt of many jokes over the years. She was consistently cast as the “fat friend” and that is not all there is to the actress. After being cast in the Ghostbusters movie, she decided she wanted to reduce her dress size a little. Who knew that it would turn out to be such a huge deal? See full story here,

One of the main reasons that people were so up in arms about her weight loss is the fact that she used a supplement in order to achieve these great results. This is pretty outrageous since there are so many others in Hollywood who have decided to go the surgical route. Since this “miracle pill” is not something many are familiar with, they see it as a bad thing, and it is far from it. This is actually one of the only weight loss supplements that help people lose weight without exercising their lives away, eating like a bird and experiencing a host of side effects.

Not Plus Size Anymore!

Despite the fact that McCarthy is 75 pounds smaller and feeling better than she has in years, people are treating her like she is a Salem witch that should be burned at the stake. Forget the fact that she has made herself into a person who is healthier than ever. Do not worry about the fact that she can be around longer to watch her children flourish. Since she can no longer be pushed into a role that requires a “fat friend,” people are upset. It is almost like she got roles that placed her in a position to be viewed as just another large person, yet she is seen as an alien when she does everything she can to be seen in a better light.

Mike & Molly was canceled, even though people everywhere were tuning in each week. While officially it was said that the show was struggling, the fact is that they felt McCarthy no longer fit the role she was playing. Yes. She could not be the same exact character played by the same exact person because her waistline is smaller than it was in the past. Obviously, it could have been easy enough to write something about this into the script and continue on as before, but that was too much for anyone’s brain to wrap around and they decided to scrap it.

Melissa’s Weight Loss

At the end of the day, McCarthy has no regrets. She does not sit there every day wishing that she stayed the same size in order to please someone else. In fact, she thinks it is rather sad that her dress size is all that the head honchos were thinking of when they pulled the show. She hopes to find something better in the future that will not be canceled for such a frivolous reason. In the meantime, she is enjoying her new body and hoping for the best.

As you were told earlier, garcinia cambogia is not dangerous in any way. All it does is act as an appetite suppressant, which means that you will not feel hungry as often as you currently do. As a result, you will eat less and the weight will come off. This is the route the McCarthy and many others have chosen. You should consider it if you are looking to trim down and you want to do it in the safest way possible.


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